Three weeks after the release of the April issue of the magazine 30 Millions d’Amis, Marie-Françoise Hamard is not losing her temper: “Their ranking is dependent and is in no way a matter of serious journalistic work”. The municipal councilor in charge of animals at the City of Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) evokes here the list of “French cities where it is good to live for dogs and cats” established by the monthly.

In this ranking, Strasbourg obtains a very unflattering 34th place out of 42 and an overall average of 8.3/20 on various criteria. “We collected this rating by default because we inadvertently did not return the questionnaire sent to us by the magazine. As a result, the editor-in-chief of 30 Million Friends explained to us that it was based on elements dating from 2019. However, that year, it was the previous term of office, ”explains Marie-Françoise Hamard.

To justify Strasbourg’s 34th place, the monthly advances “the banning of dogs on public transport, the absence of bin bag dispensers for dog waste in parks or the obligation to leash in all gardens. public…”

Criticisms that are no longer relevant for Marie-Françoise Hamard: “Since then, we have returned this questionnaire with updated measures for the well-being of pets. The problem is that the damage is done because it will be necessary to wait for the 2023 classification to see the place of Strasbourg change ”.