Strasbourg. The record for the longest football match in preparation, to help animals

The idea seems a little crazy, but its promoters intend to achieve it: it is a question of exceeding the world record for the longest football match, “held by a Lorraine collective”, according to Omer Demir, vice -president of the Animal Welfare Community (CBEA), who is one of the architects of this somewhat special operation.

To try to beat this record in Strasbourg in August, a group of associations is preparing this operation at this very moment. First scheduled for May or June, it was postponed due to the elections: this Friday evening, a preparatory meeting will lay out the entire system at the InterMeinau stadium, at 7 p.m.

The ambassador of this fight against animal abuse is a certain “Hatchi”. A dog, but a star on social networks: he has no less than 20,800 followers on Instagram and thousands of fans follow him on Facebook. They watch with interest the adventures of the husky star who poses, in incognito mode with dark glasses, while filling up with gas at the service station, or even his invigorating walks in nature.

The match is scheduled for August 25-28

Miss Alsace and Racing players tear it off to strike a pose with him… A slew of clichés attest to this on the web. The husky star even shot a short film with one of the Miss Alsace, Aurélie Roux, against the abandonment of animals. Familiar with football pitches, he will be the mascot for this record attempt which is to take place from August 25 to 28, ie more than 72 hours non-stop.

And for this to be possible, you need a lot of players, teams and clubs who mobilize for the good cause – animal, in this case: “raise funds for associations that care for and feed cats and dogs “. It is, no more and no less, “not to miss the opportunity to go down in history and support the animal cause”, indicates the poster on which Hatchi proudly poses, in the Meinau stadium, the erect ears, with one foot on a soccer ball and the Racing supporter’s scarf around his neck.

The Guinness World Record was contacted to validate this record in August, specifies Omer Demir.

“Celebrities” must participate on the field and around the green rectangle. Fifteen football clubs, associations and groups of friends (young people, women and men) are already ready to give their time to kick the ball or watch the longest match in history soccer.

Collection of dog food

Entertainment, music, drinks and snacks are on the program.
All profits will be donated to the various animal welfare societies. Sponsors will be welcome, as will people who bring “bags of kibble” (for cats and dogs) to the CBEA association, which is chaired by Sabrina Gross. There too, “the record for the harvest of croquettes (but not boxes of pâtés) “must” be beaten”, underlines Omer Demir.
As for the match, it will take place at the “International Meinau Académie” football club, chaired by Patrick Arbogast and directed by Sid Ahmed Cheaibi, at 4 rue de Provence, in Strasbourg. Where the vibrant heart of football will beat against animal abuse.

Philippe Dossmann

Information for donations and participations: 06 05 71 97 74 and

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