Belladonna roamed the streets of New York with other cats, but her health would soon deteriorate. Fortunately, she will be able to count on the commitment of dedicated people who will do everything to get her back on her feet.


John has been helping stray cats in the neighborhood for several years Bronxat New York. He recently met a cat about ten years old, and responded to the name of Belladonnareported lovemeow in June.

After regularly feeding her, the man realized she was blind and visibly losing weight. Worried about his health, he contacted the volunteers from Little Wanderers NYCwhere Susie took over.

The cat was in pain

Belladonna had learned to live with her blindness, but she suffered from another ailment that needed immediate attention. The calico cat had infectious peritonitis, a serious viral disease that mainly affects community cats.

She needed urgent treatment, and thanks to Gaver’s donations and the love of her 2 guardian angels, it was possible. The cat, which was at risk of euthanasia, was saved from a disastrous fate.

A real fighter

After being treated, the cat regained the necessary strength. Susie believe that in 2 days, Belladonna ate and walked better. His development was remarkable.

In harmony with herself and those around her, Belladonna showed himself to be more and more loving and cute. Susie is also impressed by the way the cat learns to live with its blindness. ” She never trips and never bumps into walls she says.

Today, Belladonna found the human warmth she needed in the association. Her cozy bed awaits her every night, and she no longer has to worry about seeking shelter day after day.