Stray cat did everything to feed her babies despite her terrible injury

A street cat with a very serious injury proved that maternal instinct is one of the strongest things in the world. She refused to leave her kittens without food, so she did everything she could to keep her little ones safe. When she needed urgent helphis serious injuries worsened as the days went by.

For a very long time, the cat with a serious injury traveled 200 m between apartments to bring food to her kittens at least three times a day. This mother is a great fighter who refuses to give up on her babies. She has a beautiful red and white coat and all her little ones was exactly the same color; they are really beautiful.

She had left her young children sheltered on the terrace of an apartment which was not normally frequented by the owners during the day. She knew exactly where to find food. In fact, one woman fed him chicken breasts daily, not knowing that the cat was actually raising her babies.

A cat with a serious injury does its best to feed its children.

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Despite everything, she never stopped caring for her kittens. The lady who fed the cat and lived in one of the apartments told SBS TV Animal Farm’s crew that the cat never left the place unless that she only got one chicken breast and that she did it at least three or four times a day.

The woman was unsuspecting, but one day she found the cat with a head injury. She could see that her condition was serious, so much so that for two days she could not go to the apartment to ask for food. Most likely the pain didn’t even allow him to move. The wife’s theory is that someone hurt her. Since then, the cat avoids people at all costs.

That’s what the woman decided contact a vet to talk to him of the serious damage to this cat. Therefore, he recommended that he continue to feed her daily and add medicine to her food to see if she would recover. It was the only way to help her because she was too scared.

As the days went by, the cat started to feel better, the medicine probably had some effect. But one day the woman decided to follow her, and about 200 m from her apartment she found four kittens. That’s when she realized that the whole time she was feeding the cat, she was actually bringing chicken breasts to her babies. The most incredible thing is that they are brought up there without the owner of the apartment knowing.

Fortunately, a rescue team managed to help the cat and her babies. She was taken to the vet to be diagnosed, her wounds will heal naturally within days. She is also a little anemia as all the food she received was given to her babies. She is truly an exemplary mother. Now they are all resting and recovering as a family.

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