Stray cat doesn’t give up and brings food to her little handicapped baby

The amazing cat has surprised thousands of YouTube users with her motherly love. Her little one has paralysis of the hind legs and pussy did not fail to defend him with certain people who came to his aid. The video has gone viral on social media for its moving content.

Stray cat doesn’t give up and brings food to her crippled little one

The cat and her kitten live on the roof of a building and thanks to the support of the neighbors, they have food and water. However, residents were very concerned about the tiny kitten’s plight, as he is unable to walk and the large number of flies on the premises are worsening his condition.

A video recorded and shared on YouTube shows the precise moment when the rescuers come to his aid, but the mother prevents the “strangers” from pulling her son from his shelter.

However, the rescuers came up with a plan to distract the cat and get the kitten out. They placed food in a cage and after the cat took the bait, they locked him up and managed to take them for medical treatment. The two cats (the mother and her baby) are now in the hands of specialists who will provide them with their respective care.

The story of this loving mother has touched thousands of users, and two days after the clip was publishedit reached over 300,000 views on YouTube.

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