Streamline Your Practice With Eyefinity EHR Software

Why Eyefinity?

Eyefinity EMR solutions can be tailored to your practice’s needs. They allow you to keep up with constantly changing regulations, security updates, and patient expectations. The most widely used future-forward practice management solution and supplier of digital health record solutions in the industry. Eyefinity EHR has reliable characteristics and top integrations. Our company is committed to innovation and meets the needs of our industry. You don’t have to, whether you’re looking for telehealth capabilities or staying on top of regulatory changes.

Top Eyefinity EMR Features

Online Scheduling

Your staff can be pulled in many directions by making appointments, managing scheduling issues and manually entering entries. These tasks could be automated. Eyefinity Practice Management’s online booking tools allow clients to book their consultations. This allows your employees to be more organized, to see more clients and to improve your bottom line. Who wouldn’t want this? These scheduling tools will allow you to schedule real-time consultations and instantly connect to Eyefinity Practice Management. This will enable you to be more efficient and delight your patients.

Optical Order Management

Eyefinity recognizes how difficult it can be to supervise materials. Eyefinity Practice Management’s optimal ordering function gives you the power and control of lab orders and resources. Barcode monitoring can be used to track, ship and obtain orders. This will make it easier for your practice to run smoothly. With simplified inventory management, you can identify the product characteristics of your practice. You can make more informed, data-driven inventory management decisions.

Clients get more exposure as the order is constructed, which ensures that employees and clients know what to expect . You can eliminate double data entry with the ABB Catalogue incorporation, fully automated eLab order transmitting.

Automate client communication with automated text messages that sent when orders complete. The Frames Data integrated catalogue allows for better visibility, ordering and lab processing.

Electronic Remittance Advice

Hand-processing claims reconciliations can take time. However, Electronic Remittance Advice will save you the hassle of going through all of the mail and waiting for your regular check from insurance companies. ERA integrates seamlessly with TriZetto Provider Solutions, allowing you to automatically pull remittances into your Eyefinity Practice Management Software. We’ve done all the work for you!

Eyefinity EMR will take care of all the manual tasks, so that you can concentrate on your accounting tasks. Eyefinity EMR’s automatic claim reconciliation feature removes all the guesswork associated with EOBs. It displays reason and comment guidelines in a standard format. Electronic Remittance Advice can help you simplify your billing process, increase revenue, eliminate duplicate data entry, and reduce costs.

Remittances can upload to your system overnight, so that your biller can start reconciling payments the following day. Each line of billing automatically matched to VSP payment claims for your convenience. Automatic claim reconciliation can cut down on the time it takes to pay your bills. This will save you valuable time and reduce your staff’s workload. You can ensure accuracy and make billing changes from within your software. Standard formatting makes it easy to see reason and remark codes.


We noticed a need for a simple solution to telehealth during the pandemic. To assist eye care professionals, we launched video chat functionality as well as telehealth technology.

The practice can now provide digital care and securely connect with clients. They can also expand their reach through telehealth using Eyefinity EHR. The iPad app allows you to simultaneously record a exam and conduct a video visit. This will streamline your workflow. Auto-coding allows you to efficiently document and code video visits. This will ensure accurate billing and claims management. You can extend care with confidence using HIPAA-compliant specialist, high resolution video technology.

Image Management

Ever wonder if there were better ways to connect to your EHR and view your client’s diagnostic photos? Eyefinity EMR Image Management makes it easy to integrate and view images in a way that is simple. Image Management optimizes for iPad and allows you to centrally evaluate and save images from all testing tools. With the integration of Eyefinity EHR, you can spend less time worrying about technology and more time communicating with clients. Image Management will make it easy to remove obstacles and ensure clients inform.

Eyefinity EHR allows staff to view photos, scans and other information automatically. This reduces the workload of staff and minimizes the need to attach files to patient charts. Eyefinity EMRs iPad-friendly interface and display options, as well as tagging capabilities, make it easy for clients to understand and feel valued. Client reports, diagnostic images, such as fundus images and anterior segment photography, retinal Topography, and other information, can all access from one location. In addition, you can rest assured that your photos will be safe and secure in the Cloud, which you can access from any location.

Eyefinity EMR Alternates

Medhost EMR

MEDHOST EHR can use by a variety of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, office managers, specialists in behavioral health, inpatient and other settings. In addition, Medhost Software is design by clinicians to provide patient-centered healthcare. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to focus on patients and help them manage their care better. It also simplifies documentation and streamlines workflows. You can benefit from a range of features that enhance your health and provide business intelligence in single or multi-location settings. So, Medhost EMR Reviews will provide more information.

Last Few Words

Eyefinity EMR Reviews will help you learn more about Eyefinity EMR. So, to see the Eyefinity EHR cost and features in detail, we recommend that you schedule a demo.

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