strong emotion at the trial of Valérie Bacot

At the trial of Valérie Bacot, who killed her violent and pimp husband, the Advocate General made lenient requisitions which surprised the accused.

The public prosecutor on Friday requested clemency for Valérie Bacot and a conviction without reincarceration taking into account the fact that she had been “a victim” of the violent husband and pimp she ended up killing.

“Valérie Bacot could not take the life of the one who terrorized her” but it is necessary “to fix the ban without re-incarceration”, declared the Advocate General Eric Jallet before the assizes of Saône-et-Loire, stressing that his four children “needed” the accused.

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The lawyer thus requested five years in prison, four of which were suspended, which would free Valérie Bacot from the court considering the year she has already served in pre-trial detention for the assassination of her husband from October 2017 to October 2018.

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Valérie Bacot, often nicknamed “the new Jacqueline Sauvage”, killed Daniel Polette on March 13, 2016 with a bullet in the back of the neck after more than 24 years of rape, violence and forced prostitution. She faced life imprisonment.

Valérie Bacot lost consciousness at the statement of the requisitions

Listening to the requisitions, Valérie Bacot collapsed in tears, losing consciousness, visibly exhausted. Help was dispatched to treat her and she seemed to recover her senses by mid-morning.

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“A Court of Assizes is the affirmation of the values ​​of civilization which are first and foremost to protect life. A society that does justice to itself is war against each other,” said the Advocate General.

“Valérie Bacot is a victim, very clearly, but it’s her trial, not a forum for opinion,” he added.

However “a new imprisonment will not bring more element to the protection: the criminological dangerousness is very low”, explained Eric Jallet, considering that “the sentence must accompany rather than withdraw again”.

Throughout the trial, which opened on Monday, the defense depicted the “extreme violence suffered for almost 25 years” by Valérie Bacot and her “fear of seeing it continue against her own daughter”, Karline, who had 14 years old at the time of the events.

Permanent right of way

Psychiatric and psychological experts also pointed out that the accused had no other “escape” than to “disappear” her husband as she suffered from his “permanent hold” and his very tight “surveillance”, which prevented him from filing a complaint.

Valérie Bacot described how her husband had threatened her several times with a weapon, assuring her that, “the next time, he would not miss it”. The alcoholic and violent man prostituted her for 14 years in the back of the family 806, requiring his wife to wear a headset so that she could hear the “instructions” of her husband who guided the pass.

At 12, she was raped for the first time by Daniel Polette, who was then her mother’s lover. Sentenced and imprisoned in 1996, the man was nevertheless authorized, upon his release from prison in 1997, to return to the family home. And “everything starts again as before”, says Valérie Bacot in her book “Everyone knew” (Fayard), published last month.

When she becomes pregnant at 17, Valérie Bacot leaves to settle with “Dany”, explaining this surprising decision by the need to offer a “father” to her child whom she wanted to keep.

The case is reminiscent of the case of Jacqueline Sauvage, who became the symbol of domestic violence after being convicted of killing her husband, then pardoned in 2016. Valérie Bacot’s lawyers, Janine Bonaggiunta and Nathalie Tomasini, have d defended Jacqueline Sauvage.

Narrative : Jacqueline Sauvage, 47 years of marriage for the worse

The trigger will be the fear that her daughter Karline will suffer the same fate when, at 14, she confesses to her mother that her father asked her “how she was sexually”.

On March 13, 2016, after yet another pass in the back of the 806, Valérie Bacot grabbed a pistol from her husband and shot him in the back of the neck.

“I know I’m going back to jail. I put everything in order,” said Valérie Bacot on Thursday, even referring to a “bus pass” that she had paid for her youngest son. “But it hurts me to leave them” (her children), she added.

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