Study Reveals Where Your Cat Goes When Outside Alone

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Cats are real little adventurers who can cause their owners to grow white hair who wonder where they go wandering around for hours. A scientific study has been launched in Norway aimed at solving the riddle. The results are surprising!

Project leader and teacher Torbjørn Haugaasenof theNorwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), and his team tracked 92 cats from a 1.1 kilometer area over a one-month period using a GPS collar. The objective is of course to solve the mystery of these great nocturnal or diurnal walks for their worried masters, but also to better understand the behavior of the cat population and their impact on the environment.

“People are obviously very curious about what their cat is doing when it’s on the go. The interest has been very high” confirmed Torbjørn Haugaasen.

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Results that reassure

Cats, although they have enough food in their homes to afford to take it easy, spend a large majority of their waking time outdoors. Difficult to resist the incessant meowing and not to crack to open the door for them.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper reports that the study carried out shows that small felines spend this time hunting, playing, meeting people, and this, 50 meters or less from their home in nearly 80% of cases! The maximum average distance is about 352 meters.

Only a few more daring adventurers travel several kilometers.

These differences in behavior are mainly explained by the individual personality of the feline and by castration. The study confirms the fact that an unneutered cat is much more likely to wander away from home.

Illustration of the article: A study reveals where your cat goes when it is outside alone

Illustrative photo

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The cats are not done roaming around. Yet this habit of cats has a major impact on the local ecosystem. Our cats are apex predators of wildlife and may hunt and kill birds. Conversely, they play an important role against the proliferation of rodents. By hunting them, felines indirectly help keep the planet’s grain stocks safe from pests.

Thanks to this study, it will be easier to prevent this damage to the ecosystem. A great step forward for owners and all wildlife!

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