Suravenir Assurances compensates claims through instant transfer

Suravenir Assurances now settles claims by instant transfers. Since December 2021, benefits are immediately paid into the account of the insured.

The subsidiary of Crdit Mutuel Arka, Suravenir Assurances has been committed since the end of last year to reimbursing indemnities in the event of claims via instant transfer. At the time of validation of the reimbursement, the sum therefore arrives directly in the account of the insured. a way to avoid the interbank delay usually between 3 and 4 days.

We were able to seize the opportunity offered by the Crdit Mutuel Arka API to offer our policyholders immediate compensation. This service is particularly valuable in the event of an emergency when an insured party suffers damage from a storm, for example. We are then able to compensate him immediately so that he can relocate or carry out repairs, for example, explains Gal Ratovelo, Instant Payment project manager, in a press release.

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50,000 claims per year concerned

An innovation from which benefit all insurers Suravenir Assurances, including those who do not have a bank account with Crdit Mutuel Arka or its networks and subsidiaries (Crdit Mutuel de Bretagne, Crdit Mutuel du Sud-Ouest or Fortuneo). Over a year, approximately 50,000 claims, particularly in terms of home or auto insurance, are affected by this new system, explains the insurer.

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