Surprised by meows coming from a soda dispenser, the employee of a store calls the fire department

The curiosity of a kitten put him in a very bad position, since he found himself stuck inside a drink dispenser. An employee of the store where the machine is located informed the firefighters, who quickly intervened.

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A kitten trapped in a soda machine has not only been freed from it, but has also found a loving family. A story told WTHR this friday 1er July.

The rescue took place on Wednesday June 29 at a chain store walmart at Morristown, in the state of Tennessee. That morning, an employee of the supermarket, named Lindseywas about to start her work day when she was alerted by meows.

These came from one of the drinks machines installed in the establishment. The young woman could not see the kitten who uttered these cries of distress. Not being able to help him, she called the local fire brigade, those of the Morristown Fire Department.

Arrived quickly on the scene, the latter could clearly hear the meows of the young feline, but just as Lindsey, they could not reach it. They started by unplugging the machine, then removed the back panel. Which still did not allow them to see the animal.

Saved by firefighters, adopted by store clerk

After several attempts and having examined the device from every angle, they ended up finding another opening. It was through the latter that the firefighters managed to lure the kitten out of the dispenser and bring it to safety.

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Unharmed, he was taken care of by Lindsey, who decided to adopt it immediately. Her rescuers proposed to the employee of the walmartjokingly, to call it Pepsi. It’s unclear if she followed that suggestion or chose another name for her adorable new family member.


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