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The Guadeloupean lawyer Me Patrice Tacita was called to appear, this Friday, before the correctional court of Fort-de-France, in Martinique. He is being prosecuted for alleged social and tax fraud. The hearing has been adjourned until next June.

It will be necessary to wait four months so that the bottom of the legal file is approached.
The hearing has been suspended, until the end of June 2022, in the trial for alleged social and tax fraud by Guadeloupean lawyer Maître Patrice Tacita.
He was called to appear, this Friday, February 18, 2022, before the criminal court of Fort-de-France, in Martinique; this, after the interruption last Monday, due to discomfort of one of its defenders, Maître Georges-Emmanuel Germany.

However, the request for dismissal made by the defense was indeed rejected, while the latter was not in a condition to resume the proceedings.

Inside the court, Me Tacita benefited from the support of many of his colleagues.
Outside, Martinican activists have also made an act of presence, to denounce what they describe as “repression“, the procedure launched against the lawyer of the Lyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon (LKP), collective in particular at the origin of the general strike of 2009, in Guadeloupe, also involved in the current fight against the obligation to vaccinate caregivers.

Cyriaque Sommier and Olivier Nicolas-dit-Duclos attended this Friday’s hearing. Here is their report:

Tax and social fraud: postponement of the trial of Me Patrice Tacita to June 2022

©Cyriaque Sommier and Olivier Nicolas-dit-Duclos – Martinique The 1st

As a reminder, in this trial, Maître Patrice Tacita plays big. The lawyer could be suspended from the bar.
Indeed, the public prosecutor of Fort-de-France requested an 18-month suspended prison sentence, a 5-year ban on practicing, the confiscation of his house and the payment of rights and penalties due to the Public Treasury.

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