Sweet viral video shows how a woman convinced her partner to welcome more cats into their home

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A young woman was trying to convince her companion to welcome 2 kittens, but the latter was not really enthusiastic about the project. However, she did not give up and had solid arguments to persuade him.

Placement in a foster family allows animals from shelters, found on the street or abandoned to be best prepared for adoption, especially when they have not yet reached the minimum age to stand on their own. wings.

Jordana user of TikTok posting under the pseudonym Lord Foldemortalready had a cat called Theo with his companion Bobby. The young woman, however, wanted to be a foster mother for 2 kittens aged 5 weeks, says Newsweek. He still had to make his partner adhere to this idea, which was not at all a foregone conclusion.

In a video posted March 28 on TikTok and become viral, we discover the exchange of messages that she had with Bobby on this subject. When she asked him what he thought of the reception of the duo of small felines, he did not hide his lack of enthusiasm, recalling that it would have been difficult for them to have 3 cats in their small apartment.


Little tiny things always win ???? #rescue #fostercare #kittens #adoptme

? Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

Jordan then explained to him that the kittens in question had been abandoned in a dumpster and that they needed a loving family for a while, before drawing the absolute weapon; a photo of the kittens (from a litter of 4).

“Tiny things always win”

Bobby couldn’t resist these adorable faces. He finally agreed to host them for 2 weeks.

The video ends with the images of the young man sleeping, the 2 kittens huddled against him. He was definitely won over.

Tiny things always win “, can we read in the caption of this sequence. We can only agree…

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Lord Foldemort / TikTok

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