Swore. In the caves of Moidons, the colony of bats has grown

The Greater Horseshoe Bat, 37.5 cm, 30 g

The bat (or chiroptera), the only flying mammal in the world, has been a protected species in France since 1976. An insectivore, it devours 30 to 50% of its weight every night in mosquitoes, moths and beetles. The molecules of his body have an exceptional mechanism that generates an efficient immune system giving him an unusual life expectancy (15 to 30 years). There are nearly 1,400 different species grouped into 175 genera and 20 families.

the greater horseshoe bate is the largest of the species, its body measures 6 to 7 cm for an average wingspan of 37.5 cm and a weight of 30 g. This bat is characterized by its grey-brown dorsal side and its white-yellowish ventral side.

the lesser horseshoe bat is 3.7 to 4.5 cm long, weighs 4 to 9 g and has a wingspan of 19 to 25 cm. Its coat, long and loose, is light gray brown on the back and gray or gray-white on the belly.

I’Schreibers minioptera species who lived in the Grotte des Planches, leaving a large quantity of guano there, has disappeared from the area since the 1960s but frequents the Baume river in Poligny. It is possible that the grids, even spaced out, installed at the entrance of the caves, disturb the arrival of certain bats.

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