Swore. Ruby, the climbing cat, rescued for the third time in five months!

You probably remember the adventures of the cat Ruby that the SDIS firefighters came to recover from the chimney of the town hall for Christmas and a second time on April 10, 2022 on a roof in rue Basse. Or even of its owner who thought she had lost it, found in a bad state several km away to finally realize that it was not her cat but that he was quietly being cuddled at a neighbour’s? Ruby has several stories under her belt. More than his 7 lives, this one already seems full.

The doctor hears him meowing on his roof

This one repeated at the beginning of the week, this Wednesday, May 25, rue des Écoles, in Conliège. Since Tuesday evening, Doctor Arquillière had been hearing meowing on his roof, he realized as he approached that it was the cat Ruby (well known in the village for his climbing skills now) who was stuck in his chimney, unable to come down. Here, the usual adage that says that if the cat has managed to climb it will know how to come down is false. Everyone knows it, Ruby can climb but he can’t come down.

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Unsuccessful attempts, call the fire department

After a few unsuccessful attempts by friends of the cat’s owner, Cindy Faveau, to climb onto the roof in an attempt to retrieve her cat Ruby, it became clear that it was impossible given the 45 degree slope of the roof.

They therefore called on the firefighters of the SDIS du Jura who intervened with their large scale at the beginning of the afternoon this Wednesday. Ruby, who had not eaten or drunk for two days, was very happy to find herself in the arms of her mistress Cindy who warmly thanked the firefighters.

Ruby swore he wouldn’t do it again. But it is easier for a cat to domesticate a human than the opposite.

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