TabExtend, the tool to increase your productivity on Google Chrome

On a daily basis, many professionals use their web browser to work in multitasking. However, this involves switching between different tabs, which is not always practical. You can quickly find yourself looking for information among the various open windows, wasting precious time. To facilitate their organization, there are tools like TabExtend.

Easily organize your tabs

TabExtend is an extension that aims to revolutionize the use of the Google Chrome web browser. Once installed, all previously opened tabs appear in a vertical bar on the left side of the screen. The tool offers the possibility of organizing them by lists, also called “groups”. To do this, simply slide tabs into the central area provided for this purpose. It is possible to create several lists, for example one for a new marketing project and another that brings together the resources necessary to develop its next social media strategy. The advantage is that Google Chrome bookmarks can be imported directly from the tool.

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To make day-to-day organization easier, groups come with additional features. They offer the possibility of adding a note or a to-do list so as not to forget anything. In this way, the user can have a complete view of his tabs and the important elements related to them. To improve his experience of the tool, customization options are offered, such as changing the colors of his notes. The theme of the extension can also be switched to dark mode if needed.

Lists can be categorized into different broad categories. The user can, for example, create one dedicated to marketing, another to events and an additional one for internal communication. To better navigate, it is wise to assign a name, and why not an emoji to each group of links. They can be shared with collaborators, transforming TabExtend into a real workspace.

It is possible to try the tool for free in order to test all its functionalities. To get it, just go to the AppSumo marketplace. TabExtend is priced at $59 for life. This offer allows you to add as many collaborators as necessary and to save an unlimited number of tabs or other elements.

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