Submerged, the Auvergne cat school calls for help, in Yzeure (Allier)

“We are an association that makes no noise, but effective! “, underlines Josette Le Brenn, in her house in Yzeure which shelters the school of the cat of Auvergne.Lack of meansWithout financial support from most municipalities (unless there is a big problem), the cat school is however threatened. She is currently overwhelmed with the number … Read more

The processionary caterpillar arrived with spring, in Moulins (Allier), dogs have already been affected

“My dog ​​was lying down, he was no longer moving,” explains Dorothée, Moulinoise and owner of Gulliver, a ten-year-old cocker spaniel. After a call to the veterinarian, she notices that her pet has a swollen tongue. For Doctor Carole Vialtelle based in Moulins, it is either a viper bite or the result of the stinging … Read more