“It’s like the dog of the house”: the owners of Maurice the boar authorized to keep it

However, this decision does not yet sign the end of the case for the two gentlemen in Mauritius, although it has already been dissolved by several years of litigation. “On the criminal level, we are completely cleared, but the ball is in the prefect Corrèze’s court”, emphasizes the lawyer. In fact, the prefecture can still … Read more

The character of your dog determined by its breed? A study goes against the grain of clichés

It’s well known that Chihuahuas are aggressive, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers aggressive, while Labradors are affectionate. Except no. While many character traits can be inherited, race only partially predicts most behaviors. “Genetics play a role in the personality of any individual dog, but breed does not predict these traits effectively”says researcher Elinor Karlsson, co-author of … Read more