Cats thrown on the bay window, dog beaten with a rope … A man sentenced to Tulle (Corrèze) for abuse of his animals

This Tullist had so far never been talked about. However, justice had to take a close interest in this young man aged 22 after the report to the police by the neighborhood of abuse committed on his animals. It was a neighbor who, from her terrace, was able to film the scenes in the apartment … Read more

The lawyers of the two bars of Corrèze mobilized for the protection of professional secrecy, “necessary in a democracy”

Corrèze was no exception to the national mobilization of the bars, today Tuesday, with a dozen lawyers in Tulle and twenty in Brive, gathered on the steps of the courthouses to recall their attachment to professional secrecy, cardinal element according to them in the consulting activity. Adopted in the joint committee on October 21, the … Read more