These dogs and cats are waiting at the Nargis refuge: discover the portraits of Bella, Scott, Shiny and Cortex

Scott, 10 months old, Malinois mix Last name : ScottGender: MaleAge : 10 monthsBreed : malinois crusaderTemper : He loves company, walks and playing. His ideal home: A family that will know how to take time for him, in a house. Shiny, 5 years old, Jack Russell Last name : shinyGender: FemaleAge : 5 yearsBreed … Read more

A first case of monkey pox in Centre-Val de Loire detected at the CHR d’Orléans

The sample sent to the Orleans CHR was sent to Rouen, a reference center, which validated the result on Tuesday May 31, confirmed Dr Thierry Prazuck, head of the infectious diseases department at the Orleans hospital. Thirty-three confirmed cases in France, a “very rapid” evolution No hospitalization in Orléans but isolation Receive the free newsletter … Read more

Agents of the Loiret Primary Health Insurance Fund, overwhelmed by the sick leave files to be processed, are on strike

It is a side effect of the Covid, the stop files accumulate on the offices of the Health Insurance Fund and the duration of treatment lengthens. So much so that the insured receive their daily allowances two to three months late. The consequences are the reception agents and the telephone platform who support them. “Nervousness, … Read more

The Primary Health Insurance Fund and the University of Orléans are organizing a prevention day

At a time when access to health is being debated in the metropolis of Orléans, the Loiret health insurance and the University of Orléans organized, this Thursday, April 7, a day dedicated to preventionat the university health service of La Source. The project of a medical school in Orleans with the University of Zagreb would … Read more

These dogs and cats are waiting at the Nargis shelter: meet Jina, Dwayne, Toretto, Trixie and Baskett

Jina, 8 years old, Cavalier King Charles Name : JinaGender: FemaleAge : 8 yearsRace : Cavalier King CharlesJourney : Jina is a retired breeder.Character : She is in a foster family and has therefore learned good manners: she is clean, she is rather “sofa” but likes to go out if you are with her. She … Read more

Lawyers worried about the threat to professional secrecy demonstrate in Orléans

Like all of their colleagues, everywhere in France, the lawyers of the Orleans bar have expressed their concernTuesday, November 16 in the early afternoon, on the steps of the courthouse. The fears emitted by the black dresses are linked to the content of the bill for confidence in the judiciary. And, more specifically, in Article … Read more

Magistrates, lawyers and court officials simultaneously demonstrate their anger in Orléans and Montargis

This is a column published a few weeks ago in The world which has awakened the barely sleeping suffering of the milieu of justice. Orléans magistrates, civil servants and lawyers were thus mobilized in turn, this Wednesday, December 15, on the steps of the courthouseto show their support and claim resources. “Simply, to be in … Read more

Puppy fair, street-art, retrograming, cinema… here are five ideas for outings this weekend in the Loiret

For you our selection of five ideas for outings – among many others – to do this weekend. Please note that some of these events are subject to the presentation of a health pass and the wearing of a mask. Retro weekend in Gien Receive our leisure newsletter by email and find ideas for outings … Read more