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Fruits Can Improve Health And Fitness For Men

Americans Fruits don’t eat half of their dinners with products of the soil. Americans are probably going to be lacking in nutrients, cancer prevention agents, and phytochemicals. Vidalista 20 reviews can be utilized to tackle your own medical conditions. Albeit canned organic product isn’t considere sound, it’s smart to eat eight parts of natural product […]

This Varoise launches an application that could revolutionize adoption

If there’s one thing Chloé Fabiani can’t stand, it’s knowing that somewhere, behind bars, there’s a dog or a cat about to be euthanized because it hasn’t found an owner . An entrepreneur specializing in technology, marketing and advertising, the 31-year-old Fréjusienne with a well-known surname among connoisseurs of the Roman city’s sports history (she […]

My dog ​​eats everything lying around: causes and solutions

Why does your pet dog have this behavior? How to cure it? Our answer. Cigarette butts, chewing gum, shoes… Your dog grabs and swallows whatever he finds on the ground, whether it’s in your house or outside, during walks. A normal behavior for a puppy, but which is no longer normal for an adult dog. […]

Larry, the cat from 10 Downing Street, steals the show with this video

Larry is a real star across the channel. He is regularly photographed in front of 10 Downing Street, as here, in August 2022. HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP His filmed altercation with an annoying fox has been doing the rounds on social networks as Britain is in the midst of a political crisis. He is one of Britain’s […]

“It’s like the dog of the house”: the owners of Maurice the boar authorized to keep it

However, this decision does not yet sign the end of the case for the two gentlemen in Mauritius, although it has already been dissolved by several years of litigation. “On the criminal level, we are completely cleared, but the ball is in the prefect Corrèze’s court”, emphasizes the lawyer. In fact, the prefecture can still […]

Paris City Hall wants to allow its agents to work with their animals

According to this text, written by mutual agreement with the majority on the left, the reception of an animal must be by “decision of the head of the company”. Are you going to work in Paris with your cat, your dog? The capital’s city hall wants to give its agents, who are not in contact […]

Is it healthy to sleep with your cat or dog?

Purring, softness and warmth… Some pets are used to sleeping in their master’s bedrooms. Is it a good idea to share your bed with your cat or dog? Our answer. Felines or canines, some pets have their way into Bedroom of their masters and sleeping sometimes with them, on the bed. This can have advantages, […]

Discover 5 breeds of sled dogs

Sled dogs, also called “sled dogs”, are cut to face snow and ice. Sled dogs are known for their intelligence and excellent physical health. They are persistent, sociable and very attentive to their master. Here are 5 iconic sled dog breeds, along with their main characteristics. The husky Team of huskies. Melinda Nagy / stock.adobe.com […]

Luxury croquettes, washing stations, connected cat litter boxes… The craziness of the pet business

This has been a fundamental trend for 20 years. The pet is increasingly considered a member of the family. The phenomenon was even amplified in 2020 with the successive lockdowns linked to Covid-19. And it’s well known: when you love, you don’t count, so inevitably you spend more. The tendons of war are the croquettes. […]

A man suspected of shooting a pellet gun at his neighbors’ dog in Saint-Laurent-du-Var

The owner of a dog went to the Cagnes-sur-Mers police station to file a complaint against X, late Friday afternoon. According to her, her pet had just been shot in Saint-Laurent-du-Var. Observations taken from a consultation with a veterinarian who had just operated on this American shepherd to try to remove a lead bullet from […]