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My dog ​​eats everything lying around: causes and solutions

Why does your pet dog have this behavior? How to cure it? Our answer. Cigarette butts, chewing gum, shoes… Your dog grabs and swallows whatever he finds on the ground, whether it’s in your house or outside, during walks. A normal behavior for a puppy, but which is no longer normal for an adult dog. […]

Paris City Hall wants to allow its agents to work with their animals

According to this text, written by mutual agreement with the majority on the left, the reception of an animal must be by “decision of the head of the company”. Are you going to work in Paris with your cat, your dog? The capital’s city hall wants to give its agents, who are not in contact […]

Is it healthy to sleep with your cat or dog?

Purring, softness and warmth… Some pets are used to sleeping in their master’s bedrooms. Is it a good idea to share your bed with your cat or dog? Our answer. Felines or canines, some pets have their way into Bedroom of their masters and sleeping sometimes with them, on the bed. This can have advantages, […]

Discover 5 breeds of sled dogs

Sled dogs, also called “sled dogs”, are cut to face snow and ice. Sled dogs are known for their intelligence and excellent physical health. They are persistent, sociable and very attentive to their master. Here are 5 iconic sled dog breeds, along with their main characteristics. The husky Team of huskies. Melinda Nagy / stock.adobe.com […]

This dog parasite offers new hope for the treatment of incurable cancers

Cancer is currently the second leading cause of death in the world despite the improvement in patient care. That gravitygravity of these diseases lies in their great diversity. Although some cancers are effectively treated with surgerysurgerythat chemotherapychemotherapy and radiation treatmentradiation treatment, others respond little or not at all to these treatments. Improving the management of […]

Why is my dog ​​scratching the ground?

During a heat wave, a dog scratching the ground may indicate that he is looking for coolness. Adobe Stock Regardless of your pet’s breed, a dog scratching a surface is a common behavior. Why does a dog scratch the ground? What are the commonly accepted reasons for this behavior? Scratching the ground is most often […]

a dog placed in a plastic bag floated on the canal

Published on 07/23 at 6:47 p.m. It is a horrible discovery which was made this Friday by a citizen of Wiers. Indeed, a dog placed in a plastic bag was floating in the Wiers canal… ******* ****** ******** ** ******** ****** ******* ****** ** ****** *** * ****** ** ***** *** *** ******** ******* ** […]

Attacked during the day by a dog in Crescend’eau: “It could have been a child”

By Oceane Gaspar Journalist La Meuse Verviers | Published on 07/23/2022 at 05:03 While making her rounds at Crescend’eau, 21-year-old Jessica was attacked by an Amstaff who was not on a leash. In a fraction of a second, his calf ended up in the mastiff’s mouth. She is looking for the owner. ****** ** ********* […]

A Unique Connection in Dogs’ Brains

“Beasts of science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also in all its complexity. A parenthesis to marvel at the treasures of the world. For this new episode, once again, let’s go back to the one who has become our best friend: the dog. […]

Lady Gaga’s dogs kidnapper actively wanted after mistakenly released

Howard Jackson, 19, and two other individuals had been charged with attempted murder and robbery for shooting an employee who was walking the singer’s three French bulldogs. American police were actively looking for a man, released by mistake, who is suspected of having violently assaulted a Lady Gaga employee to kidnap the star’s dogs on […]