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The gendarmes come to a Saint-Louisien, the dog finishes the job

On October 5, 2022, following the utilization of information from the Operational Narcotics Intelligence Unit (CROSS), a judicial operation was organized to search the home of a person likely to commit the sale of zamal plants in the municipality of Saint-Louis. Supported by soldiers from the Saint-Pierre Gendarmerie Surveillance and Intervention Platoon (PSIG) and a […]

Should you take vitamin D in autumn-winter?

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for the body. It is essential for bone mineralization and is also involved in immunity. Vitamin D behaves like a hormone, which explains why it has an overall effect on health. It is both anti-infective, anti-inflammatory… It is also involved in controlling blood pressure. Vitamin D is produced by […]

Luxury croquettes, washing stations, connected cat litter boxes… The craziness of the pet business

This has been a fundamental trend for 20 years. The pet is increasingly considered a member of the family. The phenomenon was even amplified in 2020 with the successive lockdowns linked to Covid-19. And it’s well known: when you love, you don’t count, so inevitably you spend more. The tendons of war are the croquettes. […]

a lawyer gives the Hitler salute in the middle of the Golden Dawn trial

The lawyer of an MEP and former leader of the neo-Nazi Greek party Golden Dawn gave the Hitler salute on Friday, October 7, in the middle of the hearing of the appeal case against the leaders of this formation, according to judicial sources at AFP. Konstantinos Plevris, who is also the father of the current […]

National Animal Day: a grooming salon in Saint-André offers a session for SPA animals

This Tuesday, October 4, on the occasion of National Animal Day, a groomer from Saint-André offers a grooming session for the dogs at the Sainte-Marie SPA shelter. This action aims to raise awareness among the public and encourage them to care for animals. The dogs at the Sainte-Marie SPA were treated this Tuesday to an […]

Lawyer and essayist Daniel Soulez Larivière dies

The lawyer ofcrises and disasters“The judicial world Daniel Soulez Larivière died on Friday at the age of 80, we learned from the Paris Bar Association. “He fell by accident. This is brutal news. He was a very great lawyer and this is a great loss to the legal profession and the profession.“, declared to AFP […]

who was this famous lawyer who ended his life on his island?

Can we talk about a love story between Olivier Metzner and Alexandre Despallières? In love, it takes two. In this story, Olivier Metzner is alone. But he doesn’t know it yet. At that time, Olivier Metzner was everywhere, but loved by no one, and he did nothing to be so. For it is true, he […]

authorities deny tycoon Jimmy Lai the right to a British lawyer

Hong Kong’s leader has denied jailed media mogul Jimmy Lai the right to be represented by a British lawyer at his upcoming trial, a court heard on Friday (September 30th). Jimmy Lai and executives of Apple Daily, a newspaper critical of Chinese power that was forced to close, are being sued for “cooperation with foreign […]

INFO RTL – Towards the end of anti-barking collars

This is a relief to animal welfare advocates. The company Agrobiothersmarket leader in equipment and hygiene products for dogs, has decided to go ahead and stop production of anti-barking collars. These tools, created to send the animal electric shocks or bad smell in case of excessive barking, were controversial because of the inconvenience they caused […]

The Lyon Bar Association asks Éric Dupond-Moretti to put an end to prison overcrowding

This is a proposal recently adopted by the Council of the Lyon Bar Association. Under the presidency of Bâtonnière Marie-Josèphe Laurent, its members wanted to question the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti. The proposal laments that 71,819 people are detained in France, while prison institutions have only 60,719 places in total. “put an end as […]