The Brittany Spaniel: origin, size and character

This affectionate and sporty dog ​​is an ideal companion for families. He needs significant daily physical expenditure. Naturally calm and caring, thebrittany spaniel is a breed of dog appreciated by the whole family. Dynamic and playful, he loves physical activities and shows great loyalty to those around him. Back to all the practical information about … Read more

Donskoy: origin, size and character

Like the sphynx, the donskoy is a breed of cat that is distinguished by its atypical physique and lack of hair. Considered a rare cat breed in France, the donskoy has many qualities. This “naked cat” is gentle and affectionate towards those around him. His origins Donskoy appeared in Russia. It was during the … Read more

How to clean your cat’s ears?

Cleaning your cat’s ears is a maintenance gesture that should not be neglected, in the same way as oral hygiene. Performed at regular intervals, this act minimizes the risk of ear infection and prevents the appearance of pathologies such as otitis. How should you proceed? Regularly clean the your cat’s ears is essential to avoid … Read more