Tarn-et-Garonne. If cat is found in a motor by a Lot-et-Garonne motorist?

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A motorist traveling between Bon-Encontre and Castelsarrasin discovered a cat stuck in the engine of his car. The animal was found safe and sound by Lot-et-Garonne firefighters and entrusted to a pound while it waited for its owners to come forward.

It’s a unique and happy story that just ended for this young cat.

A motorist living in Bon-Encontre near Agen, who was on his way to Castelsarrasin, was surprised when he returned home by a strange sound coming from his engine: a meow. Opening the hood, Lot-et-Garonnais discovered a cat stuck in the engine.

It required the intervention of firefighters to extract the animal without harming it. This Siamese cross cat came out intact. Its owners entrusted it to the pound on Monday, where the animal is waiting for its masters (who probably live in Tarn-et-Garonne, because it is likely that the cat hid in the engine when the vehicle was in the town of Castelsarrasin) to manifest. on 06 07 90 03 97.

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