The 7 tips to keep them away from your gardens and vegetable patches!

Tired of neighborhood cats who do their daily business in your garden? Do not worry ! Fortunately there are natural ways to keep them at bay. Read the guide!

Cats: Protecting the garden with a fence

Domestic cats consider the garden a real paradise. The golden rule for keeping them away from your vegetable garden is first to protect it.

How to do ? All you have to do is install a fence with barbed wire. This in order to surround your garden. Now, on the first attempt, the Wire Barbs will sting all Adventurer Cats enough to deter them from returning.

Cats: Using ultrasonic repellents

Cats: Using ultrasonic repellents

Indeed, this is one of the most popular and appreciated tricks. Because the latter has not only proven itself, but also because it is a modern solution. Cats tolerate sounds up to a certain frequency. All you have to do is place one or more ultrasonic repellents in your garden and vegetable patch to protect them from cats.

Ultrasonic repellents have a radar which, when the tomcat approaches, triggers the emission of ultrasound via integrated loudspeakers (and sometimes in combination with light flashes), which scares the little feline away.

Use natural repellents

Use natural repellents

To keep cats away from your garden, you can use some grandmother’s tricks. It’s actually about making repellents using natural ingredients commonly found in the home. For example lemon, white vinegar, black pepper, essential oils, and many others.

Similarly, you can spray white vinegar on your plants, or soak it on a cotton cloth or old newspapers that you will have in the vegetable garden.

Plant repellent plants

Plant repellent plants

Cats are very sensitive to even the slightest odors and some odors completely disturb them. For example, you can plant Rue Officinale or Coleus in your vegetable garden and the cat will not pass.

Moreover, some plants have physical elements that repel cats. For example, chestnut and holly have prickles that sting a cat’s paws if it steps on them. Plant it around your garden.

cats: Water the vegetable garden especially in the evening

Water the vegetable garden especially in the evening

Cats’ night vision makes them especially active at night. But most of these pets hate water.

Indeed, watering your plants in the evening is therefore very practical to keep cats away from your garden. As the latter particularly like to keep their paws dry, if the soil in the vegetable garden and the plants are wet, it will not venture there.

cats: Create a space for him!

Create a space for him!

From now on, one of the most effective ways to guarantee a perfect cohabitation is to make compromises. So if the little cat likes to bask in the natural setting of your garden, it’s probably because he hasn’t found a better place to distract himself and enjoy the sun.

In this case, to prevent it from damaging your plants… Thinking about providing it with a space conducive to its development outside would be an effective solution. For example, take a small patch of land and plant his favorite herbs there.

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