the account of 500,000 policyholders hacked, beware

The health insurance scam has been wreaking havoc since the beginning of 2022. The competent authorities are on the alert but still too many people fall into the trap of criminals. To counter them, only one solution: the sharing of official information. Indeed, if the insured are aware of the techniques of the health insurance scam, they will no longer be fooled. And as a result, the crooks will change their technique. Unfortunately, they are likely to take advantage of this loophole for a while longer. Since they managed to hack the personal data of 500,000 policyholders according to the information provided in the columns of the newspaper Free lunch. Our colleagues, however, ensure that the bank information of the insured is not affected. But by falling for this health insurance scam, they could jeopardize them. Objeko explains everything you need to know about this subject.

Health insurance scam: the government’s cybersecurity service calls for vigilance

“Your carte vitale is about to expire, in order to continue to benefit from our services, please update your card. », it may be a message you received by email or SMS. This text is followed by an internet link which should put you in contact with services to update your data. But beware ! This link is fraudulent! Just like the message that precedes it obviously. This is how the health insurance scam tricks its victims. It makes policyholders believe that it is becoming urgent to update their vital cards to finally recover more sensitive data such as your bank card numbers.

According to our newspaper colleagues Free lunchthe scam was confirmed by the official health insurance website this Monday, March 21 in the morning. “Unauthorized persons have managed to access personal administrative data concerning approximately 500,000 people insured by the Health Insurance according to the investigations in progress.“, can we actually read on the said internet And Objeko grant you, it is very disturbing. However, the data that the scammers have collected would not be enough to allow them to siphon off the savings of the targeted policyholders.

“It appears from the first analyzes that the attackers were able to connect to the accounts of healthcare professionals whose email addresses had been compromised.“, continue the competent authorities. The information stolen by the criminals who set up this health insurance scam are the surnames, first names, date of birth and social security numbers of 500,000 policyholders. In short, the scam tries to hook its victims. However, if phishing attempts are unfortunately not uncommon, the fact that the health insurance scam involves updating the vital card can make the most informed citizens doubt.

How to guard against this kind of malicious procedure?

To protect yourself against these scams, you need to integrate simple information. That of never clicking on a link that you receive by email or SMS. If legal or government agencies seem to be contacting you, you can contact them in turn to make sure it is not a fraud.

For example, if you receive this message concerning your vital card, contact the health insurance directly without clicking on the link present in the message. This will prevent you from becoming one of the victims of this health insurance scam. In addition, to update your vital card, you just have to go to paramecium with it. Pharmacy employees are able to update your data. And this without you having to go online.

Finally, whether in the case of the health insurance scam or another phishing attempt, there are several things to keep in mind. First, never respond to a request for banking information online or over the phone. Even if it is your bank in person who contacts you to obtain this information. Indeed, scammers have no limits to pretend to be what they are not. They may even pretend to be one of your children or your soul mate to demand money from you. And these are unfortunately not examples invented by Objeko.

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