“I’m not surprised that we learn about new cases”, announced Tuesday on franceinfo Randall Schwerdorffer, Frédéric Péchier’s lawyer. The anesthetist, already charged in Besançon for 24 poisonings, which he has always denied, is suspected of eight new cases of potential poisoning of patients in Besançon, including four deaths, public prosecutor Etienne Manteaux announced on Tuesday.

The lawyer expected from the prosecutor “that he explains to us the progress of the investigation in terms of evidence against Doctor Péchier, and that was not the case for this press conference.” Randall Schwerdorffer regrets the length of the investigation: “The investigation has been going on for six years, and we’ve been asking the same question for six years: ‘What evidence do you have?’ Which is still elementary in a criminal case. That is the difficulty of this case.”

“We’re adding eight cases, very well, but that doesn’t solve the problem of evidence. Doctor Péchier always said he hadn’t poisoned anyone.”

Randall Schwerdorffer, lawyer for Frédéric Péchier

at france info

Another point condemned by Randall Schwerdorffer, the time that passed without his client being heard by the courts, “it’s almost 1,200 days”. “The investigation is going on without him. Nobody cares what he has to say, which is pretty awful.” According to him, time was also lost in this matter: “two years”according to the lawyer “because we were too quick at the beginning, so we are in a hurry to demonstrate our guilt, and in fact the case is deadlocked, because now we have to reach six years.”

Randall Schwerdorffer announces that a request “to be heard” has already been made. According to him, his client experiences the situation very badly: “He is free. He has never been detained, but it is worse than being imprisoned because he has not been allowed to work for six years, he is not allowed to live with his family. For years he has not had the right to live in Besançon, everything is taken from him.”

The lawyer explains that he will “take legal action soon” so his client “can find a social and professional life commensurate with his qualifications.” “Let’s do all the investigations, very well, but let him live”he concludes.