the animal has found a loving home, “it warms my heart” (photos)


Haddie didn’t always have a peaceful life. The poor little dog has long been used as “bait” in dogfights and lost half of her “face” to fangs. In August 2020, Haddie was found by Erin, a 36-year-old American girl, on Her unusual physique caught her attention and Erin decided to adopt her.

Thanks to the love of her new owner, Haddie is no longer afraid of other dogs and loves playing with other animals in Washington parks. “She has become a real female dog, which warms my heart,” Erin explains to the Mirror. The 30-year-old explains: “We don’t know much about his exact experience in this world, but it would probably have involved the dog hunters forcing their “fighting dogs” to attack him relentlessly to “train”.

Erin and Haddie are now inseparable. The mistress regularly shares their daily life on Instagram and TikTok, where the dog is a real little star.


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