As you probably know, the weather is abnormally dry for the month of May. And if this weather is not without risk for the future of our crops, it already represents a real problem for wildlife, especially for the birds that inhabit our gardens. Hence the alert message launched this Thursday, May 12 by the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

In a message published around 9 a.m. on Facebook, the LPO is formal:

“Small wildlife is suffering from the lack of water and the current drought.”

Fortunately, everyone can take action. It is enough for that to offer a little of its water to our friends the birds. To do this, the LPO suggests providing them with a shallow container (3-4 cm). You can put it almost anywhere (in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony), as long as it is in the shade and away from danger.

“Make sure it is placed in an open area where birds can see potential predators coming.”


And, good news, what helps birds also benefits other animals. Such a device, specifies the LPO, “will allow birds and also hedgehogs, squirrels and bees to quench their thirst in complete safety.”

Another detail that is important: this water, you have to think about renewing it regularly. Objective: that it remains fresh, that it is not invaded by mosquitoes and that it does not transmit diseases.

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Posted by Refuges LPO on Thursday, May 12, 2022

Damaged by human activities and the resulting climate change, biodiversity needs our help and, sometimes, small gestures are enough. Are the birds thirsty? Let’s follow the advice of the LPO, offer them water.