the application has a new look to facilitate quick control

The Google Home application will soon have a new interface. This design has been designed to facilitate quick control of your connected home devices and it should be deployed in the coming weeks if we are to believe the Mountain View company.

google home interface
Credits: Google

If you are a regular user of Google’s home automation app, namely Google Home, you will be pleased to hear that the app will soon have a brand new interface. Spotted by our colleagues from the 9To5Google site, this design was designed to facilitate rapid control your connected home devices from the main tab. In truth, this interface is quite similar to that offered on Android 11.

According to the 2.49 patch notes, this design includes “an updated home view that will help you control your devices with less taps”. Google has chosen to abandon the previous design, namely icons whose shape looks very similar to the devices they are supposed to represent, by a grid of buttons with rounded corners. Hence this resemblance to the quick adjustment controls of the latest Google Pixel.

google home interface
Credits: Mishaal Rahman via Twitter

The Google Home app changes its interface to facilitate quick control

Here’s how Google sums up the appeal of this revamped interface: “Quickly find what you’re looking for, dim your compatible lights, and change music volume in a snap. Touch to turn a device on or off, swipe left or right to make settings, and long press for more controls.”

The 2.49 patch notes indicate that this interface will be available”in the next weeks”. Our colleagues from 9To5Google were able to discover this design in downloading the latest version of the Google Home APK. As a reminder, Google recently fixed the ambient noise that annoyed many users.

Indeed, the manufacturer had modified the sound of white noise, to the chagrin of users who appreciated it as such. Reportedly, the new sound was muffled, quieter, and emitted less evenly. However, all the interest of white noise to fall asleep or concentrate is precisely its repetition. Eventually, Google took note of the complaints and decided to revert to the original sound.

Source: 9To5Google

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