The Batman: did you find this funny easter egg on Google?


The Batman: did you find this funny easter egg on Google?

One week before the release of The Batmanexpected in French theaters next March 2Google offers a fun little novelty to summon the famous batman.

Batman to the rescue of your research

Once on the search engine page, have fun searching “Gotham City” Where “Bruce Wayne” in the Google bar and you will be entitled to a surprise.

In fact, you will then see the famous “Bat Signal” of the man in the cape under the image gallery on the right of your page. If you click on it, the well-known distress signal will pop up the bat silhouette on your search resultscalling the superhero to your rescue.

A little easter eggs (a hidden function) that works as well on computer that on smart phonebut which however does not appear by doing a simple search “Batman”.

Google not at its first attempt

It’s not not the first time that Google places a easter eggs in its search results to tag a big movie event. In 2019to celebrate the release of the film Avengers: Endgame, Google had prepared a fun performance of the infinity stone-studded gauntlet of Thanos. This one randomly turned half of your search results to dust with a snap of your fingers. In the past, Google has also paid tribute in the same way to films Wizard of Oz or even to A Blonde’s Revenge.

As a reminder, the highly anticipated The Batman by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz, will arrive next March 2 At the movie theater.

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