The operation took place in the late afternoon. In the case of the video of a beaten dog in a car trunk, the police and the animal protection association of Egletons (APAE) intervened this Tuesday, March 15, at the end of the afternoon. noon, to seize the abused animal.

Dog found with abusive owner

“After the magnitude of the case, there was a fear that the dog could disappear. Moreover, we learned yesterday (Monday, March 14, Editor’s note) in the evening, that after having been taken away from him, the dog had returned to the violent owner”, indicates Guillaume Favreau of the APAE.

The dog placed in foster care

An investigator from the APAE and a police patrol therefore proceeded to seize the animal. This one, “in a state of stress at the time of the intervention” should join the structure égletonnaise to spend the night there. “As of tomorrow, we are going to make an appointment with a veterinarian, to have the violence assessed and see if there are any sequelae”, explains Guillaume Favreau.

An investigation opened following the broadcast of a video showing a beaten dog in a car in Brive (Corrèze)

The dog, about 6 months old, should then join a foster family for the duration of the procedure. This case has been the subject of an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office. The woman seen in the video throwing several punches should be heard from in the coming days.

Pierre Vignaud