Chamomile is known for its soothing and calming effect. A true grandmother’s remedy, it is also anti-inflammatory and good for the skin. Light on its benefits.

Against digestive disorders

Gastroenteritis, inflammation of the stomach, ulcers, diarrhoea, bloating or flatulence: against all these ailments chamomile is very effective. To do this, you need to drink it infusion after each meal. It is best to infuse it with a lid so that the active ingredients do not evaporate.

Against anxiety

Chamomile is also known to reduce anxiety and depression. Again, you can infuse it or use it in essential oils. Dilute a few drops in your bath before relaxing in it. In case of sleep disturbances, place one drop under each foot or along the spine. Finally, if you have tendencies toward depression, hysteria, overexertion, or emotional trauma, put some on your wrists and breathe deeply. However, do not forget to talk to your doctor about it, because abuse of essential oils can be dangerous.

Against skin irritations

Whether in essential oil or infusions, applying chamomile to skin irritations, insect bites, eczema, burns or sunburns will have a quick soothing effect. Also, it is healing.

For canker sores, for example, chamomile will be an excellent anti-inflammatory, drink a cup of cold chamomile. And if you suffer from conjunctivitis, apply compresses or rinse your eye with this same infusion, also cooled.

Against sore throat

Chamomile relieves sore throats, again thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can drink it, not too hot, or inhale it, this time very hot. Plus, since it’s antibacterial, it will help you fight bad bacteria. It can also be drunk to prevent minor winter ailments.