the birds can no longer fly due to the high temperatures

For several weeks, an unprecedented heat wave has been hitting India. The 50 degrees Celsius were reached in a city in the northwest of the country.

Apart from the dangers for humans, these extreme temperatures also have a wildlife impact, as reported in a report by TF1, Monday, May 16. The birds, dehydrated, can no longer fly and crash to the ground. Falls that cause violent injuries to birds.

“50 to 60 birds”, as well as bats and raptors, are rescued daily by caregivers from the Veterinary Clinic in Ahmedabad, North West India. To save them, the veterinarians inject them with ultra-vitamin tablets and provide them with something to drink.

This episode of dryness is also detrimental for dogs and cats. It also leads to fires which put in danger to many wild animal species.

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