The bivalent vaccine campaign begins with a bang

Alain is 68, has received three doses of vaccines against Covid-19 and is one of the “first” to do the “bivalent” at the main vaccination center in Nice, rue Hancy. Since Monday morning, these doses, which “act against the original strain of the coronavirus” and against the Omicron variant, have been available “with or without an appointment” and were apparently eagerly awaited. “As much as possible to be covered and protected,” exclaims Nice, who had made an appointment for his wife and him at his pharmacy but never got a call back.

“Pharmacies had received packages of six doses for a fortnight, but only called back if they had the exact number so as not to waste any vaccines,” explains Véronique Giorsetti, head of the center’s vaccination service. On our side, every morning for three weeks we have been bombarded with calls to find out if we could finally deliver these new vaccines”. Some people even showed up before their appointment on Monday to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“An immune system for the winter”

At 3pm at the Hancy centre, more than 50 people had already presented themselves to the doctors. “We easily end the day with 70 patients”, assures Véronique Giorsetti again. A “success” compared to the past few weeks, when only “twenty people” traveled each day. “We are far from the 180 people during the summer, but we feel a craze. It is assumed that it is related to school holidays. Many grandparents want to protect themselves even more to welcome and protect their grandchildren. »

In general, the official noted that “over 60s were very susceptible to boosters” and that the fact that it was a bivalent vaccine “has increased the desire to be vaccinated”. “We still don’t really know how the virus develops with these variants, but we know that an immune system to cover the winter is important for more fragile people”, she emphasizes. Another reminder will surely be needed for those over 80 in February or March.

“Viral circulation remains stable”

This vaccination campaign targets people over 60, those with co-morbidities that expose them to severe forms, but also pregnant women, immunocompromised people regardless of their age, children and young people at high risk suffering from pathologies, the corollary of these people and those who is in regular contact with them as well as healthcare staff. For people over 80, residents of nursing homes and the immunocompromised, this booster dose can be administered from three months after the last one, and from six months to the others. A good way to protect yourself with “the arrival of winter and other viruses”, supports the manager of the service in Nice.

According to the latest point from Paca’s regional health agency, published last week, “viral circulation remained stable” with an incidence rate of 389 cases per day. 100,000 inhabitants in the Alpes-Maritimes and a positivity rate of 21.4%. The national average is 565 people per 100,000 inhabitants.

The organization notes a “slight increase” in conventional admissions and critical care. Fifteen patients were in intensive care and 141 in conventional admissions to the department. In total, almost 17% of emergency beds are occupied by Covid-19 patients.

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