The carcass of a female tiger shark discovered in Punaauia

The carcass of a female tiger shark was found on January 28, 2022, in the lagoon of Punaauia in Tahiti.

On Friday January 28, 2022, the “Mao Mana Foundation” association discovered the carcass of a female tiger shark in the lagoon of Punaauia.

Mao Mana Foundation is an association which acts for the preservation of the environment and artwork for the protection of sharks. Thursday, February 16, she publishes an announcement on her Facebook page on a sad discovery “a large 4.7 meter female tiger shark that was carrying cubs”.

The DIREN team in collaboration with thehe members of the Mao Mana Foundation team, Doctors Antoine Scuiller and Anthony Berberian went there to retrieve the animal, take samples, measure the animal, take photos and investigate the cause of death.

The shark carcass was located and identified as a mature female tiger shark. The body was upside down on the reef, partially exposed.

The proximity of the pass suggests that it entered the lagoon, possibly becoming disoriented and trapped in the shallows with the receding tide. The team does not know the motivation to enter the lagoon.

Speculation could be made due to the presence of full-term embryos that she was looking for an area to give birth.

Another unlikely but alternative possibility is that the shark was thrown over the barrier reef with a wave or surge from the outer ocean (already dead or alive and lethargic), ending in the lagoon.

Due to no major injury or illness found, the cause of death does not appear to be human-related or intra-species conflict (example: mating or competition injuries). Cause of death is not known.

The DIREN recalls that animals are regularly stranded throughout French Polynesia. The RLE (Local Stranding Network) is precisely there to centralize all the information concerning these stranding situations, with the help of volunteers spread over the whole Fenua.

To discover the missions of MAO MANA FOUNDATION, go to their website:

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