The city of Périgueux gives a card to stray cat feeders

Every morning, Françoise takes care of the stray cats in the little cabin in Vésone next to her home, in Mondoux or Boulazac. This retiree has been distributing kibble to stray felines in the city for almost ten years. “I love cats. I gave them nicknames of course, and every morning they run to me because they know that I always come at the same time”, she smiled. Like her, there are several members of the SOS Free Cats association who feed the city’s cats.

An official map

The city of Périgueux has decided to give them official status, providing them a map of feeders and feeders of the city of Périgueux. The goal is to recognize “this activity of public interest”, indicates the city. And the reason is simple.

“There are no feeding places where feeders are well accepted”, regrets Patricia Combeau, the president of the association. Wherever they go, the feeders are rejected by the neighborhood, who accuses them of proliferating stray cats in the city. “These are insults, attempts to intimidate”she adds. “But we are useful for these little cats, claims Françoise. There are sterilization operations that are put in place. But once they are sterilized, you have to feed them well!”

And precisely, now the fifteen feeders will be able to show this card to the public to prove that their activity is fair, and that they are supported by the town hall.

To become an official feeder, you must be a member of SOS Chats Libres.
To become an official feeder, you must be a member of SOS Chats Libres. © Radio France
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