The class action against private schools in Greater Montreal loses momentum

Source: Shutterstock


Source: Shutterstock

The class action taken for services not rendered by private schools in Greater Montreal during the pandemic has just lost 50% of its potential beneficiaries.

The Superior Court on Thursday rejected a request from the instigators of the action, who challenged the admissibility of the approximately 25,000 requests for exclusion received, arguing that the establishments had improperly influenced parents through non-neutral communications so that they separate from movement.

The judge Pierre-C. Gagnon instead agreed with the private schools, which argued through their lawyers that they had every right “to speak to the parents concerned, to comment on the impacts of the collective action and to advocate in favor of of exclusion from the group.

The 24,934 exclusion requests therefore remain valid.

The appeal in question was filed last summer on behalf of 47,000 automatically registered parents. However, many of them, in support of school principals, have officially dissociated themselves from the collective action, because they consider it abusive.

Led by the firm Champlain Avocats, the action is nevertheless continuing.


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