“The Code” revisits the legal series with the story of a lawyer on probation


07:00, December 1, 2021

The new judicial series “The Code”, classic but effective, lands on France 2. By the creator of “Cherif”.

After coming close to death, Idriss Toma takes a radical turn in his career: the Parisian lawyer who defends rich and powerful clients returns to his native North to defend the most modest in a small firm. His health still on borrowed time, he also undertakes to get closer to his daughter before it is too late. After reinventing the French thriller with delight for six seasons with his series fan cop in Sharif (already on France 2), screenwriter Lionel Olenga tackles another television pillar: the judicial series.

Perhaps scalded by the failure of the too brief double i (a cop who was investigating with her imaginary friend) in 2019, The code takes on more classic attire. This time, no mise en abyme or overly confusing concept. Olenga, supported by Nicolas Robert and Cécile Even, went looking for the effectiveness of the best American productions of the genre, in particular those of David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Justice). Obvious influences but perfectly acclimatized to the French legal system.

Sharp dialogues

The hero is brilliant and unconventional, but lives with a threat that drives him to use his talent for good. Each episode inevitably reserves its trial for us, which will be resolved at the end of the regulatory 52 minutes (even sometimes in the following episode, since France 2 persists in broadcasting the episodes two by two). A real choral series is thus built around the character of Idriss, with a team of immediately identifiable lawyers.

It is moreover through its distribution that The code really makes the difference, with actors served by perfectly sharp dialogues. Christiane Millet is irresistible as a mentor who loses her mind. The voice of Daniel Njo Lobé, who plays Idriss, will bring back memories to fans of VF series as this actor has doubled as a hero, from Lost to Luther!

The code **

By Lionel Olenga, Nicolas Robert and Cécile Even, with Daniel Njo Lobé, Christiane Millet, Naidra Ayadi. 6 episodes of 52 minutes. From Wednesday (9:05 p.m.).

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