the court of cassation rejects the appeal of the lawyers of Cécile Bourgeon

There won’t be no fifth trial of the Fiona case. The Court of Cassation put an end to the judicial soap opera this Wednesday, February 16, by rejecting the appeal in cassation of the lawyers of Cécile Bourgeon. An appeal filed after the verdict of the December 2020 appeal trial where Cécile Bourgeon was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

After three other trials, it was the first time that she received a heavier sentence than her ex-companion Berkane Makhlouf who was sentenced to 18 years in prison. She had been recognized as co-author of the fatal blows and no longer an accomplice, a difference in the qualifications of the facts which had prompted her lawyers to file this new appeal in cassation.

It may have been time to turn the page – Renaud Portejoie, one of Cécile Bourgeon’s lawyers

It’s not a disappointment“, confides Me Renaud Portejoie, one of his lawyers, “it is true that we wanted another trial and at the same time it was perhaps time to turn the page“. From now on, the lawyer is concentrating on the following: asking for an adjustment of Cécile Bourgeon’s sentence. “She has been incarcerated for seven years now, she has been definitively sentenced to a 20-year sentence, with the game of sentence reductions, she can claim a quick release.“, he explains. “The idea is to be able to benefit perhaps from an electronic bracelet“, he concludes.

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