The dog-eating panther in Iboundji was shot by hunter –

The veterinarians and researchers dispatched on site to Iboundji making the constant and the samples on the slaughtered panther © KF

The panther that devoured dogs in Iboundji in the province of Ogooué Lolo (south-east) was finally killed this Saturday, May 2022, 21 in the early morning by an experienced hunter resident of the locality.

“The dog-eating panther in Iboundji has just been killed by Justin Mbandza, a resident of Iboundji commune”told a concordant source.

The feline had been terrorizing the population of this almost isolated locality of the province for more than a month. The rural commune spent several weeks without electricity due to a transformer failure. The beast took advantage of this situation of darkness, it is said, to devour the dogs.

A contingent of gendarmes and a team of veterinarians, water and forest agents, as well as those from national parks had been dispatched to Iboundji to track down the panther who was spreading terror. He is a native of the region, certainly mastering the terrain better, which has taken over the feline.

Camille Boussoughou

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