“The dog goes better than the mistress”: Françoise (one dog’s name is mostly mine) fiercely tackles a dog exhibitor who criticized SA Cloé

The biggest dog competition ever organized in Belgium continues on RTL TVI. Everyone proclaims it loud and clear: “The most beautiful is mine!”. But is it really? They were more than a thousand to register to try to prove it! But only one of them will be named “the most beautiful dog of the year!”

This week we found Cloé, the chihuahua and his mistress Françoise qualified for the finals of the competition visiting a dog show. The opportunity for the duo to understand how a real dog show works.

Unfortunately, the timing is disappointing for Françoise, who did not expect to receive negative remarks about her little Cloé from an exhibitor… of chihuahuas.Mine doesn’t do real pageants, but do you think she’d be pretty enough to enter?, asks Francoise.But it seems to me that she might have a little teething problem, right? Françoise on the defensive rebels: “Nothing. Where ?”. Undaunted by Cloé’s mistress’s temper, the exhibitor replies:I think she mixed up the language that sticks out a bit… But it is without counting that his interlocutor has an answer for everything:Yes, it’s because she’s old. She lost her teeth.” Francoise is ready: “”You stab me, I stab. I’m like this.

Revenge is a dish best served cold… During the exhibitor parade, Françoise couldn’t help but be teased.But did you see she’s going to strangle him? She pulls the strings so much”, she says to her companion, who adds a layer “It’s not a natural step. Françoise imitates the lady and laughs:“Look how good my dog’s jaw is. The size too. I don’t think it works much. Besides that, it’s you who has a fault mine Chloe“. Before giving him one last murderous remark:She goes better than his mistress. It already is.

For me, Cloé is a perfect chihuahua, and it’s not because she’s mine. If you look closely, he is the most beautiful of the chihuahuas.

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