The dog of Pécresse, the sponsorships of Bayrou, the Trocadero of Zemmour

59 days before the second round of the presidential election, the political fact of the day concerns a dog.

Is making a bank of sponsorships “playing the useful idiot”?

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Marine Le Pen go on strike! » Fabien Roussel chose derision on Wednesday to comment on his competitor’s decision to suspend his field campaign, the time to find his 500 sponsorships. Questioned before the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese), Roussel ruled out bringing communist signatures to allow far-right candidates to compete.

The sequel after the ad

Sponsorship race: on D-10, a wave of panic in the ranks of latecomers

On the contrary, the Communist candidate recalls that he tabled a motion for a resolution last year in order to “to render ineligible for five years individuals convicted of incitement to hatred” – this is the case of Eric Zemmour. The latter does not have any help to expect from Anne Hidalgo either. ” Is poll democracy more reliable and can be a better barometer “than the sponsorships of mayors” who were elected and accountable to their constituents? “, questioned the socialist candidate in the hemicycle of Cese.

“People say it would be undemocratic if he couldn’t run? That’s what he says, which is undemocratic,” had she already been indignant about Eric Zemmour on Tuesday at the Maison de la Radio, “We don’t have to play useful idiots!” » François Bayrou, who has launched a “sponsorship bank” to help candidates, will appreciate…

Or be “the stepping stone of the extreme right”?

Among the Greens too, the approach arouses at least mistrust, even anger. If Yannick Jadot admits in an interview with “Current Woman” appeared this Thursday that it takes ” probably ” change the sponsorship system, he believes that Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon “must be able to participate in the presidential election”. But the environmental candidate invites them despite everything to “perhaps wondering about the way they do politics”. A point of view all in nuance, or in lukewarmness, we let you choose.

François Bayrou launches a “sponsorship bank” to help candidates with more than 10% in the polls

For his part, Julien Bayou is a bit more radical. “François Bayrou’s initiative is scandalous”, privately annoyed the boss of Europe Ecologie Les Verts a week ago. “The 500 sponsorships are there to constitute a lock. These are the rules, if the majority considers that they are not good, it could have completely changed them during the quinquennium! We understood that Emmanuel Macron and Valérie Pécresse had every interest in the existence of these two far-right candidates. These people who set themselves up as a bulwark have actually become the stepping stone of the far right,” he asserted.

The sequel after the ad

Valérie Pécresse’s House of Cards

Definitely animals have a place of choice in this campaign. The one who occupied us yesterday throughout this February Wednesday is a dog. But not just any doggie: Douglas is a member of Les Républicains like any other, up to date with his contributions, registered by his master, an activist from Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur in favor of Eric Ciotti, on the occasion of the LR primary. This is one of the many anecdotes related in a “Liberation” survey, which tends to show that the ballot which nominated Valérie Pécresse as a candidate was the subject of numerous shenanigans to artificially increase the number of voters.

At 12% in our survey, Valérie Pécresse unscrews

These battles for the greatest amount of party membership have prompted some activists to enroll deceased persons, or groups of foreigners who do not speak French. But the most surprising remains the conclusion of the article: yes, the executives of LR suspected the existence of such tampering, including on the side of the unfortunate candidate Xavier Bertrand. So why didn’t you say anything? It is that there is something that the right fears even more than having organized an insincere vote: to appear as a shell, empty of militants. Already weakened for ten days, Valérie Pécresse could still suffer from these revelations. Asked about BFM last night, she denounced “a manipulation, a campaign of grotesque destabilization. Do you think for a moment that if my opponents had the slightest doubt, they would not have contested this election? “. In a press release, Christian Jacob, the president of LR, announced his intention to take legal action.

The Dog of Discord

Unexpectedly and nevertheless strikingly, the story of the doggie mentioned by “Liberation” became a political highlight of Wednesday, February 23. First, “Nice Matin” revealed the true identity of the dog, quoted in the article under an assumed name. Photo in support, we were able to discover that Clovis (and not Douglas), was a beautiful slender red dog. Then, Eric Zemmour and his troops, who specialized in buzz mechanics fueled by schoolboy jokes on social networks, obviously had fun.

And we sometimes gave them back their own coin.

The sequel after the ad

A humorous Twitter account dedicated to the dog has been created.

On the side of the Republicans, we took the thing with a seriousness which, in a counter-productive way, triggered the general hilarity of the observers. We have thus seen the respectable and respected senator of La Manche Philippe Bas explain at the microphone of BFMTV that “the dog could not vote, because the dog cannot read the code number which is sent by SMS to the mobile phone”.

The party then issued an official statement to assure that the canine individual had not taken part in the ballot. The Republicans have finally announced that they will take legal action to shed light on these “fraudulent maneuvers”, presented as “an attempt at destabilization”.

“It’s decided, April 10, it will be Z”: Valérie Pécresse loses the South

Eric Zemmour wants his Trocadéro

And to say that we thought that the Covid was going to deprive us of meetings for this presidential election. Nay! Surprising, like that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Nantes; violent, like that of Eric Zemmour in Villepinte; failed, like that of Valérie Pécresse at the Zenith; in the squall of February, like that of Yannick Jadot in Rouen; empty, like that of Anne Hidalgo in Aubervilliers; or even festive, like that of Fabien Roussel in Marseille.

The sequel after the ad

“Nothing shocks me in his discourse on women”: the paradox of pro-Zemmour activists

Whatever they are, these big routs are still in 2022 the candidates’ favorite tool for demonstrations of force. According to “Le Figaro”, Eric Zemmour’s team is thinking about organizing a giant meeting at the Trocadéro at the end of March, with the aim of bringing together 50,000 people. Like Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012, or François Fillon in 2017. We let you estimate if these are such happy symbols.

The polls point

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Our morning update on the evolution of the polling dynamics of presidential candidates: to put voting intentions into perspective, “l’Obs” has built this animated infographic, which takes into account the average opinion polls of the last few months for ten of the main contenders for the Elysée.

Evolution of the dynamics of presidential candidates in the polls

Emmanuel Macron at a meeting on March 5 in Marseille

The President of the Republic submitted 1,463 sponsorships to the Constitutional Council. Leaflets and posters bearing his likeness were printed. La République en Marche activists defend its balance sheet on the markets. And we already know the date and place of its first meeting in Marseille on March 5. But the head of state is not (yet) a candidate. Is this a joke ? No, it’s disruptive. He is not a candidate ” and at the same time “, everything happens as if he were a candidate.

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