The Eunice storm will cost insurance millions of euros: “There are storms every year and the premiums are calculated according to this risk”

Eunice but also Dudley and Franklin caused a lot of damage in Belgium.

Belgium has just spent a weekend under gusts of wind and rain. While storm Dudley announced the color on Wednesday evening, Eunice broke some records this Friday, with part of the country which found itself simply paralyzed. This Sunday, storm Franklin finished the job. And if we must think above all of the human damage, the material damage is even more numerous, between damaged roofs, devastated gardens or even cars out of order following a fall from a tree.

Once again, the insurance companies will have to manage thousands of files, while those of the July floods are not yet all completed. An additional workload, and above all new expenses that can be calculated in millions of euros. And the first question that we can ask ourselves is that of knowing the consequences on the rates of the premiums that we pay.

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