The European Google proposed by Marine Le Pen, a false good idea?

During the debate between the two rounds against Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen showed her desire to create a “European Google”. An idea far from being original whose previous attempts are not glorious.

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When addressing the theme of new technologies during the debate between the two rounds, Marine Le Pen took the floor for a proposal. “The European Google should have been launched years ago. It has been years since we should have had a reflection on the fact of keeping our data on European territory“, she hammered. An idea that is anything but innovative. Attempts have already been made in the past.

Two European Googles, two failures

The National Rally candidate seems to have forgotten that France has already created a search engine twice. But impossible to compete with the American giant.

In 2008, Quaero (“I seek” in Latin) was launched. A blue-white-red initiative, supported by Germany, whose ambition was to offer a new generation search engine made in Europe. After five years and 200 million euros invested, the project ends without having managed to overshadow Google.

But in France, we don’t let ourselves be put down for so little. New attempt in 2013 with Qwant, a French Google that respects users’ private data. The welcome is warm. Qwant even becomes the default search engine for French government computers in 2020. But a few problems come to give him a hard time. The majority of the results displayed come from Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. A Médiapart survey published in 2019 points to the company’s technical shortcomings. Financially, the search engine fails to break even, accusing losses greater than revenue.

Marine Le Pen, next to the plate?

By affirming that we must create a Google “at the European level“, Marine Le Pen implies that it is the role of the Union to found a search engine. However, this is not the case. Europe can, on the other hand, financially support an initiative launched by entrepreneurs. And in its digital program, it does not mention any investment in this direction, preferring to focus on the notion of “digital sovereignty“. In short, a European Google is a dusty project that the candidate will not be able to impose if she is elected.

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