the family lawyer, Maître Boulloud accuses justice of having “botched the investigation in 1986”

The disappearance of Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti in Pontcharra, in Isère, is about to be elucidated, 36 years later. This outcome took place thanks to the tenacity of the victim’s family, believes his lawyer, Maître Boulloud, who regrets the lack of perseverance of justice, in 1986.

The presumed murderer of Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti is called Yves Chatain and he has lived in Chartreuse for the past thirty years. At the time of the disappearance of the young mother, he had already been heard and briefly placed in police custody. But investigators went no further.

“This investigation, in some aspects, was sloppy” regrets Maître Boulloud, the lawyer for the Bonfanti family. “We had a personality that was still disturbing since we know that he had committed quite serious acts. We should have taken enough interest in this personality” he continues. The suspect, in his youth, had indeed been convicted of assaulting young women twice. He had tried to strangle one of them.

A family that suffered from justice

Master Boulloud recognizes that the means of investigation of the time were different from today, “the investigators were led by a public prosecutor. There was an investigating judge and we say that was enough”. This was not the case according to the lawyer of the Bonfanti family, but he recognizes that the current justice and the investigators of today have done “A phenomenal job! I was kept informed, I was able to keep the family informed. We did not learn from the press what was happening. Today I was asked to come [à la conférence de presse de jeudi NDLR]. It is also to show support for justice for the family, a family that suffered from justice a few years ago.“he hammers.

It is thanks to the family of Marie-Thérèse if the file is not closed. She had also relaunched the investigation in 2020 by submitting a memorandum to the justice system which convinced the prosecution to reopen the file.

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