the family lawyer officially requests the opening of a judicial investigation

RMC INFO. Maître Pierre Debuisson, the lawyer who is defending 35 families in the context of the Buitoni scandal, these pizzas contaminated with the E.coli bacteria having caused dozens of serious cases of food poisoning and the death of two children, officially asks this Friday at the Paris prosecutor’s office the opening of a judicial investigation.

“This is one of the biggest food scandals of the last 20 years and yet, after three months, there is still no judicial information”. In a letter addressed to the Paris prosecutor’s office, which RMC was able to consult, Maître Pierre Debuisson officially requests that a judicial investigation be opened in “absolute urgency” in the case of Buitoni pizzas contaminated with the E.coli bacterium and which caused dozens of serious cases of food poisoning and the death of two children.

The lawyer at the Paris and Toulouse bars defends 35 clients, including 30 children, most having been transfused for several days and having suffered “extremely serious damage to the kidneys, liver, brain”. He also mentions the case of a 12-year-old girl “who is almost brain dead”, a formal causal link having been established by the ARS between her state of health and the consumption of Buitoni pizzas. According to the lawyer, many other complaints will follow in the coming days.

“A judge must be appointed as soon as possible, who can proceed without delay to all the necessary investigative acts, searches, confrontations, hearings, seizures, expertise, explains Maître Pierre Debuisson to RMC. Justice must move quickly because time is against us, there is a risk of the evidence withering away. Today, no magistrate has been appointed even though this is one of the biggest food scandals of these last 20 years.”

“The scandal is too important for justice to be paralyzed or held on a leash by large industrial groups”

For the family lawyer, the responsibility of the French authorities in this case can be questioned, especially since a former employee of Buitoni, who testified on RMC a few days ago, says he tried to alert on the conditions catastrophic hygiene problems in the incriminated factory in Caudry, in the North, from May 2021.

“We can wonder about a possible connivance between the French authorities and certain large agri-food groups since alerts had been made, indicates Me Pierre Debuisson. And yet, we arrive at this scandal which leads to the death of several children. the question: why did the authorities wait two months before closing this factory? This is totally unacceptable. The scandal is too important for justice to be paralyzed or held in check by large industrial groups. We will fight my customers and I -even so that those responsible are brought to justice and that this case never happens again.”

Concerning Buitoni, Maître Pierre Debuisson denounces in his letter to the prosecution “pure lies concerning the state of the factory which was totally unsanitary with in particular the presence of insects on the production lines, worms, mould, crushed cigarettes in food…” Contacted by RMC, the Paris prosecutor’s office recalls that a preliminary investigation is underway and confirms that at this stage no judge has been appointed.

Marie Dupin and Anne-Lyvia Tollinchi

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