The Fennecs victims of a plot?

Former international referee, Mohamed Zekrini had very harsh words against Bakary Gassama who led the debates during the defeat of the Fennecs against Cameroon.

Almost two weeks after the defeat of the Fennecs against Cameroon during the play-offs for the World Cup in Qatar, Algeria is still struggling to turn the page. And it will probably be so until April 21, the date set by FIFA to examine the appeal filed by the Algerian Football Federation for alleged arbitration errors.

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If some regret the mental bankruptcy of the players of Djamel Belmadi and others point the finger at national television, which would have and some failures when providing the images for the VAR, the Zambian referee Bakary Gassama, who directed the debates, crystallizes The critics. Witness the attacks of Mohamed Zekrini, a former Algerian international referee.

Gassama came to Algeria to harm us

“Bakary Gassama is a very good African referee with a lot of experience but he came to Algeria to harm us”he thus launched at the microphone of the ENTV, even falling into the conspiracy theory: “If he is selected for the World Cup, it is because everything has been organized to eliminate Algeria from this World Cup. » The former man in black has no illusions for the future and the appeal filed by Algeria. “I don’t think Gassama will be suspended, he didn’t do all this alone and I think he will be present in the World Cup”he said.

And Mohamed Zekrini is all the less confident that he does not seem to believe in the thesis of a failure of the VAR, the ENTV, where he officiates as a consultant, having moreover contradicted the words of the president of the Algerian Football Federation on the subject. “The regulations are clear: if the VAR stops working, the video referee manager must notify Gassama and tell him that the VAR is faulty. In this case, Gassama is obliged to notify the two team captains. But, who proves that the VAR was faulty? », he explained.

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