The first animal you spot says a lot about your personality.

If the subconscious is at the center of the studies of psychologists, it is not for just any reason. In fact, this one could tell us a lot more about a personality than meets the eye. But how to dig into the depths of the subconscious? Several studies in this field have shown that the observation of images is able to awaken “sleeping” memories, desires, fears and beliefs. Thus, by conscious way, in particular the fact of locating a particular object (animal) among several, one could quickly decode the character of a person. We therefore invite you to look at the image below for a very short time and to name the first animal you see. Then continue reading to decipher our little free personality test.

So here it is!

free personality test quiz the first thing you see


If the first thing you see is a zebra, you are probably being described as funny, influential and charismatic. People around inevitably fall under the influence of your lively personality and your contagious vitality. And they wouldn’t hesitate to follow you. You are the best companion to have a good time. Your excellent communication skills would make for a great career in sales and commerce. Nevertheless, the routine irritates and exhausts you. For this reason, you are constantly looking for new challenges, knowledge and experiences. Change doesn’t scare you. On the contrary, you try to bring a little variegation into each of your days.

personality type test zebra stripes character person

The cat

If the cat is the first animal spotted, you are often perceived as a shy person who does not like to talk. However, the real reason behind your introversion is the fact that you prefer to observe a situation from afar, instead of placing yourself in the heart of the action. In fact, you don’t care what people think of you and prefer to surround yourself with like-minded people. You live by your own rules that you respect without fail. You are then a very independent and self-sufficient person.

optical illusion image personality test


Did the duck jump out at you? You are therefore endowed with an infallible optimism and you are probably not discouraged very easily either. The glass for you is never half full, nor half empty. No, it’s always overflowing. You live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. A naturally very curious person, you love to explore new places and learn new skills.

personality test psychology colorful duck character what you see in the picture

the koala

If the first animal you saw was the koala, you are a calm person who lives at your own pace. You have the gift of kindness and caring sensitivity. So you are that person who is always ready to listen and help others. You’re not one to like crowds and big parties. Your idea of ​​an ideal evening revolves around a cocooning experience with a good movie or book in hand. Altruistic, you offer your help, without asking anything in return.

psychology test what do you see in the photo free personality test

the elephant

Those who spotted the elephant first are often referred to as genuine and sincere people. Concerned about everything around you, you are very responsible and loyal to your family and friends. They could then always count on you. Let’s say you’re the first person to go to just in case. One way or another, you will always find the best solution to your problem. Because apart from listening to others, you have excellent problem-solving abilities. If the people around you are feeling good, you will be too.

elephant what you see in the picture personality test

the bear

Did you notice the bear? So logical thinking is most likely your forte. A bit conservative and frankly traditionalist, you live according to your own values ​​and rules. Calm and observant, you don’t like crowded and noisy public places. Sensitive, thoughtful and diplomatic, you are always in search of perfect harmony. You are also a follower of order – spontaneity is not like you. Your dedicated and hardworking character is accompanied by a maximalist demeanor that takes deadlines seriously. You expect the same from others.

example bear personality test image and optical illusion


If your gaze first fell on the giraffe, you are a real social butterfly. Very flexible, you could adapt to any group of people and quickly attract attention. You are also very talkative and curious, which allows you to start a conversation with really anyone. People are drawn to your easy-going character and the fact that you are down to earth. Although it seems like absolutely nothing could make you sad, you are actually very sensitive. Loyal to those around you, you expect the same in return. Your contempt for routine causes you to change your job and hobbies often.

giraffe what animal do you see optical illusion test psychology

The pig

If you saw the pig first, you are an independent person who works best when left alone. You have a very sharp mind that goes a hundred miles an hour, so you don’t have time to explain yourself to everyone. You are endowed with a brilliant memory combined with an attention to detail and an analytical mind, which make you extremely effective in any situation that requires investigation or in-depth examination.

optical illusion quick personality test pig with picture

The rabbit

Those who have seen the rabbit stand out for their creative spirit, as well as their contagious energy and happiness. Wherever you go, laughter and joy follow you, making everyone want to meet you. Your tireless sense of humor puts you in the center of attention, wherever you are. This makes some people find you a bit superficial, but that’s far from the truth. On the contrary, you are very thoughtful, empathetic and you love to make people laugh. However, give yourself breaks from time to time.

personality type test picture what you see personality test free


The lion would most likely be spotted by those birth leaders who have the ability to convince people to come with them in pursuit of a common goal. Be careful though, because your dominance sometimes tends to take over others and take on an overwhelming character. For you, the challenge is just an opportunity to show what you are capable of. So you are not afraid of it. Endowed with extraordinary strategic thinking, you are a very competitive person.

lion what you see in the picture animal personality test

The owl

If you’ve fixed your gaze on the owl, you may be a thoughtful, analytical person who prefers to work independently. The love for calm makes you avoid social situations. Follower of order and organization, any chaotic situation is able to irritate you. Don’t demand the same perfectionism from others, because as cliché as that sounds, we’re all perfect in our imperfections. Despite your introverted character, your company is highly appreciated by others, due to your intelligence and sense of humor.

owl animal character test psychology based on optical illusion, free epersonality test

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