the first leaks on the series equipped with a Tensor 2.0

four months ago, Google has formalized the 6 series of its Pixel smartphone. However, leaks about their successors are already circulating on the Internet. Indeed, 9to5google has spotted and revealed the first speculations on the current project of the American firm. This one covers three different devices accompanied by a Tensor 2.0 chip.

The Tensor 2.0 would equip the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

9to5google has a habit of investigating the Android 13 preview code, so it may have had information about Google’s current project at its disposal. Indeed, the Mountain View firm would be in full work on a new chip, the Tensor 2.0. It would probably equip the company’s new smartphones. This would refer to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro.

After a relatively disappointing initial launch on the Pixel 6, Tensor 2.0 will be on a mission to fill in the gaps of its elder. This particularly concerns the rather average performance of the first generation. Google’s new chipset would carry the model number GS201.

As for its internal codename, that would be cloudripper. According to leaks, it would use Samsung’s 5300 modem. Indeed, it would benefit from an advance over the 5123 modem integrated in the Pixel 6. In addition, this new generation could help Google get through connectivity problems, such as the case of the Pixel variants of 2021.

Cheetah, panther and ravenclaw are Google’s new project

Usually, Google uses code names referring to an animal for its products. Indeed, 9to5google presumes that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones could simply be dubbed: Cheetah and Panther.

Google seems to refer to a cheetah and a panther. These new felines from the American firm would benefit from substantial improvements, such as speed. Apparently, Google intends to make its smartphones a serious contender in the premium segment.

While the cheetah and the panther could well be the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro due to the presence of the Tensor 2.0 chip, 9to5google mentioned another device. The latter, Ravenclaw, has a very different name. Since the Pixel 6 uses bird names: Oriole and Raven, we can assume that this device would relate to the Pixel 6a. However, the BlueJay had already been assigned to the latter in leaks in the past. So it leaves us a bit confused and perplexed.


According to the informant 9to5google, the Mountain View firm is in full realization of a new project. It’s actually three devices codenamed Cheetah, Panther, and Ravenclaw, and a new chip, Tensor 2.0. The cheetah and the panther could be the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro. However, we still await more information on these projects.

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